Privacy Policy

LuLocal is committed to taking your privacy seriously and transparency about how we conduct business and protect your information. Our privacy policy covers all LuLocal company-owned applications and services and does not cover any 3rd party services or applications, which are guided by their own individual policies.

Our Policy

LuLocal requires that all account holders be at least 18 years of age. With the permission and oversight of the primary account holder, minors (14 and older) may use LuLocal’s applications and services. Minors 13 and younger are not permitted to log in and use LuLocal’s services. The primary account holder is ultimately responsible for all activities conducted by them (the account holder) and any others, including minors that log in as the primary account holder.

The personal information collected and processed by LuLocal is required to deliver our services to our end users. By accepting and acknowledging this policy, you confirm that you have read and understand this policy, including why and how we use personal information to deliver services. If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy and the collection of personal information as described, please do not use LuLocal services. LuLocal is not responsible for the content, privacy, or business practices of any merchant, their respective websites, or 3rd party applications presented on LuLocal’s marketplace or services.

Information Received or Collected

Lulocal collects information for business purposes only. We collect your information from multiple business-related resources, both directly and indirectly. Direct methods come from information you provide during the sign-up process and any other form-related information provided by you. Indirect methods include activity tracking that comes from the use and interaction with our services, from merchant partners that help us provide services, browser data, financial partners, and advertising both directly and with 3rd party marketing partners.

You, as a buyer or seller, may select to link your bank account to purchase or receive payments through 3rd party payment providers. A connection to their services is done through APIs for security and privacy purposes. LuLocal does not have a direct partnership with our 3rd party financial service providers, and their services are subject to their own privacy policies.

To register, sell or purchase through the LuLocal marketplace or other services, personal information, including your email address, will be required to provide you with services. The information allows us to verify account ownership, complete transactions, mitigate abuse and fraud, and comply with regulatory obligations. Merchants will be required to complete an application and receive approval prior to being listed on the LuLocal marketplace or any of our service platforms. We may contact merchants during the application and after to request additional information about their business when necessary.

Account and Profile Information

General information such as your name, location, email, and other personal information may be added to your account and can be changed in account settings. The name on the account as the shopper or merchant may be publicly visible during specific activities. For example, as the merchant, your location, reviews, business name, items listed for sale, followers, etc., may be publicly available in the marketplace or other service offerings.

LuLocal may collect and use information about your business to feature you in marketing and advocacy materials to feature you and your shop both on and off the platform. LuLocal may request additional demographic information to use for promotional or advocacy purposes. The information is entirely voluntary, and we will seek your consent to use it. As a shopper, the name on your account will be publicly visible on reviews, public comments, date of joining, city, and other activities where questions, answers, comments, and other information are presented to the LuLocal community.

Automated Information

For targeting, speed and quality of service, fraud prevention, location, and marketing purposes, LuLocal may use information that is automatically collected. This includes browser data, IP address, records, cookies, unique device identifiers, and page visit information. Additionally, device-specific information may be collected when you use our services or install LuLocal-related applications. This may include hardware model, app version, operating system and other unique identifiers. Location information is used for marketing purposes, audience engagement, and matching merchants with shoppers that are in close proximity to one another.

Marketing and Advertising Partners

LuLocal may receive information about you and the LuLocal content you viewed. This information is used to improve our marketing and position opportunities that may be unique to you. Information includes cookies and UTM tags in URLs visited on the LuLocal site.

Data from LuLocal Suppliers, Partners, and Vendors

We may also receive information from our vendors and suppliers about you. This may include payment information, shipping, customer service interactions, and information presented on LuLocal’s forums or review pages.

Third Party Information

Connecting to LuLocal through 3rd parties is optional. You may choose to connect to LuLocal or register for an account through a 3rd party application like Facebook, Google, and others. If you choose to use outside apps, the service is subject to their privacy policies and terms of use. Based on the 3rd party rules to which you agreed, LuLocal may receive information about you to aid in using their application or registering with LuLocal.

Non-Member Data

LuLocal may receive data such as email address or IP address from individuals that have not registered and signed up with LuLocal. Examples of this include opt-in newsletters or emails, invites between members and non-members, gift card purchases, etc.

LuLocal Messages

Lulocal may, on occasion, contact you through email, push notification, and other LuLocal internal communication tools. When you register as a member, you agree to receive marketing and service-related messages from us. You may choose to opt-out of all marketing communications. Having an active email in your account settings and the ability to receive non-marketing messages such as service/fraud-related communications is required to maintain an account with LuLocal. This ensures our ability to deliver services, quality control, and fraud prevention measures to meet the expectations of our shoppers and merchants who sell or market on our service platform.

Buying and Selling

As part of the selling and buying process, LuLocal will facilitate the sharing of information between the two members involved in the transaction, such as, the other LuLocal member’s email address, payment status, and shipping address. This can also involve us sharing your information with some of our 3rd party partners such as our shipping and payment partners, so we may provide our services to you. Separate privacy policies from our 3rd party providers guide the use and security of your personal information when services are rendered through them.

By completing a purchase or sale on LuLocal’s platform, you are directing us to share the information necessary to complete the transaction between the buyer and seller. As a LuLocal member, you’re required to respect the privacy of the member whose information you have received. All information collected during the transaction can be used for LuLocal communication and transaction purposes. Neither the buyer nor seller is granted a license to use the information for unauthorized transactions or sending unsolicited commercial messages in violation of any applicable laws, including any consent requirements of the jurisdiction of the recipient.

Customized Experience

Your browsing, purchasing, or selling data may be used to customize your experience while using the LuLocal site. We have a legitimate interest in customizing your on-site experience to help you identify relevant items and recommended purchases, including using this information to help sellers find the best ways to market and sell their products on LuLocal.

Legal and Safety

Under limited circumstances, LuLocal may release your personal information to a third party for legal or public interests, debt collection, law enforcement, prevention of imminent physical harm, suspected fraud, and threats to our rights or property. LuLocal takes your privacy seriously and will only act on verified requests for the reasons noted above.

Affiliated Businesses and Partners

LuLocal works with outside businesses for a variety of purposes. One purpose is to leverage partnerships to enhance the performance, service, security, or offers on the LuLocal service platform. For service-related aid, these businesses may sell items or services to you through the platform, or with your consent, offer promotions (including email promotions) to you. LuLocal may jointly market services with affiliated businesses. Information sharing may be required when a business assists in the facilitation or completion of your transaction or task. We may work with advertising partners requiring the use of stored data analytics. If aggregated information is shared, it will be depersonalized, so no individual personal information is shared.

Service Providers

To provide services, LuLocal may need to engage 3rd party companies to help us operate and market services. These companies must comply with LuLocal’s rules to not share the limited customer information they receive, and it can only be used for the purposes of completing the job for which they were hired. Primary purposes include security, analytics, research, and marketing.

Business Reorganization

LuLocal may decide to buy or sell assets to grow our business and better serve our customers. Member information is commonly transferred in these types of transactions. Should this occur, you will be notified in advance of the transaction and be given the choice to opt-out before your information falls under a different privacy policy.


The security of your personal information is important to us. We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and after it is received. For example, encryption is used for certain information (such as credit card numbers) using TLS (transport layer security). Unfortunately, no method of transmission over the internet or method of electronic storage is 100% secure. Therefore, while we strive to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

It is important that you take steps to protect against unauthorized access to your account and data. Your account is protected by a password, and the risk of access is greatly decreased by keeping your password and computer secure and by logging off after each online session. Choose your password carefully, refrain from sharing it with others, and do not use the same password with multiple service providers.


LuLocal retains your information to provide services, and we will only retain your information for primary business purposes. If you no longer want LuLocal to use your data for services, you may close your account at any time. Your information may be retained after cancelation to satisfy legal requirements like revenue and tax laws, disputes, analytics, and others described within the Policy.

Privacy Policy Changes

LuLocal may periodically amend or update our privacy policy. If we believe that the changes are material, we will notify you of the updated version through either email, online notifications, or through any of our service communication tools or postings. When updates are listed, you will be able to review any revisions or updates. Should you disagree with the policy changes, you may cancel LuLocal services at any time.

Contact Information

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact LuLocal’s support team at